Lap Pools

Lap Pools

Custom Lap Pools in Orlando and Central Florida

Custom Lap Pools Provide the Exercise You Need In Minimal Space

A custom lap pool helps you stay in shape without ever leaving the comfort and convenience of your home. Perfect for professional athletes, active seniors, and those looking to stay fit, lap pools offer the ever-ready opportunity for activity without needing the construction space for a traditional pool.

At Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc., we make the lap pool installation process easy and efficient for you. Our custom pool builders can work with your existing indoor or outdoor area to construct the perfect lap pool for your needs. We incorporate all the latest technology and equipment for your build and have the resources to add modern enhancements for the ultimate swim experience. Contact us today to learn more about all your custom lap pool options and schedule your personalized estimate.

Lap Pools

What is a Lap Pool?

Lap pools are recreational pools that allow you to swim laps for exercise. They differ from traditional pools based on their narrow size and overall length. While traditional pools are wide enough to accommodate many swimmers at once, lap pools are designed to fit a single swimmer looking to engage in vigorous activity. Generally 40 to 75 feet in length (depending on the area of the yard), lap pools provide sufficient length without turning too often during a swim. Lap pools dimensions vary; however, 8 to 12 feet is the standard lap pool size, along with a 3 to 4-foot depth. Your lap pool's total area can always be customized when working with Atlas Pools, but we always try to allow for enough length, width, and depth for the most comfortable swim possible. Contact us today to learn more about our custom lap pool options and schedule your personalized estimate.

Things to Consider for Your Custom Lap Pool Construction

As with any custom pool build from Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc., there are many considerations you must make to build the lap pool of your dreams. Our staff will be more than happy to walk you through all of them, offer examples from hundreds of samples to give you ideas, and show you a digital layout of your pool before any work is done for your satisfaction. As the premier custom lap pool providers in the Orlando area and Central Florida, we have the resources, skilled architects, and attention to stylish modern detail to offer you complete customization for your installation. Below are some of the top considerations we recommend for your custom lap pool construction:

Type: Lap pools come in two types: in-ground and aboveground. While both offer advantages, the construction type will depend on the total area, slope, and grade of your yard. Our lap pool builders will assess your space and make professional recommendations based on your specific information.

Materials: Atlas Pools gives you myriad popular options to choose from for your custom lap pool installation. However, industry-wide, most lap pools are constructed from vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete. These materials are the most durable, moisture resistant, and thermal conducting materials available and can last decades.

Labor: Your custom lap pool construction time can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months to install. Atlas Pools utilizes teams of talented designers, architects, and trusted construction experts to build everything to specifications on-site. We handle every aspect from assessment and 3D CAD software mock-ups of your custom build to concrete work, landscaping, lighting, fencing, and more.

Maintenance: Continuous maintenance is paramount for your lap pool, especially if it sees extensive use. Our company is part of a vast network of pool service professionals. We can arrange for all the services you need . Professional lap pool maintenance can include testing chlorine, alkaline, acid, and pH levels, pool skimming, filter checks, and backwashing, stain removal, and more.

Permits: While you can do your lap pool construction yourself, Atlas Pools always recommends working with trained, experienced professionals. Not only do our expert contractors have the knowledge, skill, equipment, and experience necessary to perfect your installation, we have and handle all the permit paperwork and communications with appropriate governing bodies.

The Benefits of a Custom Lap Pool

Lap pools offer attractive advantages for active swimmers and relaxing bathers alike. Our premier pool installation company puts in hundreds of lap pools every year for their versatility, modern style, and regenerative benefits. So why choose a custom lap pool over a traditional installation? Let us share some of the best benefits from our customers:

Space Savings: Because of its narrow construction, a lap pool occupies less space than a traditional installation. That means you can design all your yard and landscape work around your new custom lap pool and create the oasis of your dreams.

Perfect for Seniors: Lap pools are incredibly popular with seniors for their safety and low-stress exercise opportunities. Lap pools are ideal for easy swims and a great way to exercise without traveling too far from home.

24/7 Exercise: Your lap pool can be available any time you need it. Once installed on your property, you can use it for the most intense exercises without the cost and preparation of heading to an expensive gym.

Ideal Outdoor Feature: Lap pools are guaranteed to impress. Space-conscious and incredibly chic lap pools make the perfect addition to any outdoor space, especially when the summer fun begins to heat up.

Contact Atlas Pools for Your Custom Lap Pool Construction

A lap pool can be the perfect addition to your outdoor space for exercise and relaxation. To get the very best custom installation for your unique needs, trust our professionals at Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. We’ll be your guiding advocate from start to finish and install a lap pool you’ll use for life. Contact us today for your personalized estimate.

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