Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools

Custom Infinity Pools in Orlando and Central Florida

Perfect Any Outdoor Space with a Custom Infinity Pool

Flowing water excites the senses. It is beautiful to hear, intriguing to watch, and relaxing to experience. At Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc., we give you all of that and more with our custom infinity pool installations. Imagine sitting poolside, watching your gleaming water go on forever, and listening to the endless babble of a falling waterfall. Thousands of home and business owners come to us every year to add that alluring enjoyment to their outdoor space, and we strive to make their experience truly extraordinary.

For more than 40 years, our family-owned company has kept up with the latest infinity pool design and installation trends, and we incorporate all the best ones for our customers across Central Florida. Every client's infinity pool installation is one-of-kind, utilizing premier technology, features, and accents to bring it to life. We invite you to experience the Atlas Pools difference and let us design, engineer, and construct an infinity pool that gives you an everlasting, calming flow and endless enjoyment. Contact us today for your personalized estimate.

Infinity Pools

How Does An Infinity Pool Work?

Infinity pools use a form of optical illusion to create the look of a continuous horizon. Rather than having a typical, sloping pool wall, one or more of the sides is removed, and the water is allowed to spill over. This water flows into a specially designed catch basin and is recycled back into the pool via a pump, creating a calming perpetual flow. Because of this design's complexity, it is essential to have infinity pool builders who know precisely how to incorporate this design element onto an existing geometric or freeform pool. Atlas Pools has done hundreds of infinity pool installations since the late 1970s. We know what it takes to create a breathtaking addition to your outdoor area. Contact us today for more information about infinity pools or to schedule your custom estimate.

What to Expect During Your Custom Infinity Pool Installation

Infinity pools are among the most sought-after installations in the industry. Often built-in rolling, elevated areas, or even on precarious cliff sides, they can create an awe-inspiring look for a property owner that exudes the feeling of forever. However, infinity pool installation requires the right touch, tools, design, and installation experience you only get from the experts at Atlas Pools. We use the most sophisticated 3D CAD simulation software during your consultation to layout a digital build for you before we get to work.

Our infinity-edge pool architects will go over elements of style and features that will go best with your property and the square footage that will be required to make your infinity pool come to life. After giving you our guidance, and you are excited about your new construction, we'll then come to your home or business and begin the intricate construction of your new infinity pool. Our custom infinity pools can take up to 12 weeks to install, so be prepared for crews to be onsite during that time. Contact Atlas Pools to schedule your estimate.

The Advantages of an Infinity Pool

Infinity pools have distinct advantages over traditional pools in myriad ways. Not only are they astonishing works of art, but they also offer environmentally friendly benefits and customized controls. Many of the most famous hotels, theme parks, and private mansions in the world have an infinity pool, or several, erected somewhere on the grounds to create a look you’ll find nowhere else. Our customers choose an infinity pool to make an indelible impression on their guests for a variety of reasons, including:

Work of Art & Architecture: The elegant design of an infinity pool is nearly impossible to ignore. When placed next to the sea, these fixtures virtually disappear, seamlessly blending with the distant horizon. The artistic value and draw of custom infinity pools are immeasurable. Before their invention in the early 1960s, a primitive form of infinity pool was even installed in the Stag Fountain at the Palace of Versailles in France.

Focal Point: An infinity pool instantly becomes a focal point and the center of design for any outdoor space. The stunning look, the sound of falling water, and the tranquil aura they provide make infinity pools one of the most adored water features found anywhere. Many homeowners across Central Florida and California create multi-tiered infinity pools for a waterfall effect, demonstrating just how incredible these installations can be.

Relaxing Spa-like Experience: Aside from its beauty, an infinity pool is also functional. They create the ultimate relaxation experience for the lucky property owner and their guests. Infinity pools provide true beauty, serenity, and even natural massage after a long day of stress.

Custom Water Flow Control: The pump on an infinity pool has multiple speeds to control the water's flow rate and intake. This means, with one instant flip of a switch, you can adjust your infinity pool for quiet calm or a therapeutic torrent of water for your aching muscles.

Water Conservation: Along with an infinite view, infinity pools offer ongoing water conservation as well. Unlike traditional pools where water is lost to evaporation and splashing, infinity pools recycle almost every drop back into circulation from their catch basin, keeping the water level constant. This can save you time, money, and significant amounts of water as well.

Contact Atlas for Your Custom Infinity Pool

When you want a custom infinity pool to truly turn heads, trust the professionals at Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. Our company has the tools, technology, and 40 years of experience to draw upon when creating a custom water feature for you from start to finish. We invite you to contact us, learn more about our infinity pool offers, and schedule your personalized estimate.

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