Pool Enclosures

Pool Enclosures

Pool Enclosure Team of Orlando and Central Florida

Over 40 Years of Pool Experience

Since 1978, Atlas Pools of Central Florida Inc. has helped residents all over the area by installing pool enclosures. We have plenty of different options available, and given our over 40 years of experience, we have installed them all. No matter your aesthetic or choice of material, our experts get the job done. We can help with the design aspect as well as the installation, maintenance, and repairs of your new pool enclosure. If you are unsure if you need or want one, please do not hesitate to call Atlas Pools of Central Florida Inc. today and discuss the potential benefits we can provide to enhance the experience of sitting by your pool throughout the year. We would be happy to get you a quote so you can see all the costs associated with installation. You can also rely on us for financing options to help your budget.

Benefits of Adding a Pool Enclosure

Have you noticed the number of bugs flying around your pool when trying to relax? Would you like a better way to enjoy your time in the sun? A pool enclosure from Atlas Pools of Central Florida Inc. is the perfect addition to any pool to keep the bugs at bay, plus they add so many more benefits. We completely customize these new features to perfectly fit your pool area and create a more enjoyable experience all around for you and your guests. Below are all of the benefits you see after hiring Atlas Pools of Central Florida Inc. to install a brand-new pool enclosure:

Keep Pests Away: As mentioned, we can help keep out bugs such as mosquitoes, beetles, and spiders, but you can bet the snakes, lizards, and frogs will also be held at bay while you take a dip in your pool. These bothersome pests can get caught in the pool and hurt and could also clog up your filters. By keeping them out, you can have a cleaner and less bothersome time enjoying the sun and water. Atlas Pools of Central Florida Inc. can also protect your space, family, and friends from alligators getting into your water.

Cleaner Atmosphere: Since we live in Orlando and Central Florida, we can pretty much use our swimming pools and hot tubs all year round. Having a protective pool enclosure prevents debris such as leaves in the fall from getting into your water and clogging vacuums and filters. We can also keep out items that may get blown around by heavy wind and rainstorms. This also means it will be easier to maintain your chemical levels since foreign objects can’t get in.

Increases Property Value: Many potential homebuyers in Orlando and Central Florida want a pool. Make the deal even sweeter by having a pool enclosure already built for them to enjoy. Our team makes sure your enclosure looks its best by providing maintenance and care over the years as well.

Sunlight Protection: Provide even more comfortable while swimming by choosing a material that helps dampen the sunlight. Sunburns are just as dangerous as they are uncomfortable. Prevent both by selecting the suitable material with our designers when deciding on your pool enclosure.

Easy Maintenance: Keeping out debris and pests are one of the main benefits, but reducing the amount of algae growth is also a key benefit to having a pool enclosure installed. While we cannot prevent it from altogether happening, the enclosure works hard to lessen the chance of growth you have to clean. Plus, your pool will look more welcoming.

Energy Cost Reduction: Evaporation is an issue every pool owner is well aware of to keep them filled. Atlas Pools of Central Florida Inc can help reduce the amount of water lost with a pool enclosure. Even during the hottest part of summer, you will notice your water bill maintains its cost since you will not need to keep refilling. This addition can also control the temperature of your water more balanced to prevent overspending on heating and cooling bills.

Pool Enclosures

Building Materials Used For Pool Enclosures

No matter the current aesthetic of your pool area or the new ideas you have for the space, Atlas Pools of Central Florida Inc. can provide the proper pool enclosure materials to match with ease. Screening material is a great way to tame the wind, keep out pests, and keep in your pets. We can also customize to meet any and all needs you have for the space’s aesthetics. Generally, we construct them using screens, large glass panels, or polycarbonate with metal beams encasing these materials. We can also work with wood if that better suits your needs. Check out all of our previous pool enclosure installations here.

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Our team has worked with residents for years to build the perfect outdoor experience by their pool. Atlas Pools of Central Florida Inc. is the best option in all of Orlando and Central Florida when designing and constructing pool enclosures. We have the knowledge, experience, and tools to get the job done correctly and beautifully swiftly. Create a truly unique experience in the backyard by trusting our technicians. We can also help with a plethora of other pool services like maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Give us a call today to get the process started!

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