Pool Heating

Anti-Corrosion Pool Heaters for Florida Homeowners

Pool Solutions to Keep the Summer Going

Atlas Pools has years of experience providing pool heating to Florida residents. If you have a swimming pool, you might consider investing in a heater. Doing so will allow you to swim later in the evening and during the season. We sell efficient anti-corrosion pool heaters to enable Florida homeowners to enjoy their swimming pools for longer. We are a family-owned and -operated company, giving us a unique perspective our competitors lack. We genuinely want to help you make your property the best it can be, and we will work tirelessly on your behalf to make your dreams happen. Contact us today for our custom pool services.

Pool Heating

The Benefits of Investing in a Heated Swimming Pool

At Atlas Pools, we have years of experience in the pool industry – long enough to have learned the overwhelming benefits of a heated pool. Whether you consider adding a heater to an existing pool or as part of a new installation, we are the experts you can trust. Even though Florida has comfortable temperatures throughout the year, a heated pool can still offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved Health: Warm water helps your circulatory system and promotes improved blood flow. It's why a relaxing bath can be so beneficial to your health. Pool heaters accomplish the same goal. They’re perfect for swimming pool owners with achy joints and stiff limbs. Avid runners will enjoy a dip in the warm water to alleviate soreness, and individuals with conditions like arthritis will see instant benefits.
  • No Cold-Water Shock: Are you tired of diving into a cold pool and moving around for ten minutes to grow used to it? We would be too. Heated pools get around that problem by providing even and comfortable temperatures – all day long. Even as the outside temperatures change, your pool will remain the same, giving you a reliable summertime fun and relaxation source.
  • Relieved Stress: Whether you work in a hectic job or raise multiple children, you need a place to let the day's stress wash off your shoulders. A swimming pool is a perfect choice. Take things a step further by installing a pool heater to create a spa-like atmosphere in your backyard. Families with a heated swimming pool create memories all summer. We can help make your dreams a reality.
  • Night Swimming: The temperatures drop in many parts of Florida after sunset. In many cases, it is too cold to swim comfortably. But there's nothing like a nighttime swim. The world gets quieter and more serene, and the swimming pool only makes things better. If you've long desired a pool you can enjoy at night, consider investing in a pool heater.
  • Longer Swim Seasons: A pool heater will allow you to enjoy your pool for more of the year – not just more of the day. At Atlas Pools, we want you to be able to use your investment throughout the fall. Heating your pool will allow you to get some use out of your investment for longer. In many cases, our customers report this is more than worth the cost of the heater itself!

High-Quality Swimming Pool Design

We are proud of our reputation for providing outstanding customer service and selling reliable products. We work only with the best manufacturers, and our team members dedicate themselves to learning everything they can about pool heaters and pool design. That’s what makes us the best swimming pool company in Florida. You can trust our team to get the job done. Contact us today.

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