Waterscapes to Accentuate Custom Pools in Oviedo, FL

Atlas Pools of Central Florida Creates Wondrous Waterscapes

The best way to enhance the ambiance of your backyard or custom pool in Oviedo, FL is to include a wondrous waterscape designed by the professional staff at Atlas Pools of Central Florida. Our family-owned company has created picturesque settings and landscapes for more than four decades, helping homeowners achieve the yards of which they have always dreamed.

Stunning waterscapes elicit calmness and comfort, helping set the tone for a relaxing environment just outside of your home. Waterscapes may feature a combination of fountains, ponds, and waterfalls to beautify your backyard. Let Atlas Pools of Central Florida help you make a splash with a waterscape of your own. Call us today to learn more.

Waterscapes Create Tranquil Settings Outside Your Home

The sounds of a bubbling brook or a cascading waterfall often evoke a sense of serenity and satisfaction. But it is not practical for most people to visit a stream every morning to bask in its natural glory. To mirror the therapeutic effects of a wilderness retreat, Atlas Pools of Central Florida can construct a beautiful waterscape at your home in or around Oviedo, FL. Our creative design team can work with you to conceive a natural backdrop with exquisite water features that will provide peace and tranquility right outside of your window.

Incorporate Different Elements into Your Waterscape

A luxurious waterscape can incorporate a host of different elements to create the natural feel that you crave. Atlas Pools of Central Florida has a wealth of experience transforming backyards into beautiful oases, both with custom pools and splendid waterscapes. We can even use waterscapes to accentuate your backyard pool. Waterscapes can combine several components, including:

  • Fountains – Your imagination is the only limitation on how to incorporate a fountain into your waterscape in Oviedo, FL or the surrounding area. A fountain can be the main feature, attracting the attention of all visitors, or it can simply be a piece of a larger design. We can provide standalone fountains, bubbling urns, or container water gardens.
  • Ponds – A backyard pond can generate a tropical vibe to complement the surrounding landscape. We can create wetland habitats with appropriate vegetation and backyard koi ponds. If you have expansive space, we can even design a large farm pond. Each pond we produce is a living ecosystem, meaning it will require maintenance to keep aquatic plants and animals healthy.
  • Waterfalls – Perhaps the most elegant element of a waterscape in Central Florida is a waterfall, which produces peaceful sounds and includes constant movement. The water feature can be your waterscape's focal point or a side attraction to help complete the design.

Keep Your Waterscape Natural with Moisture-Loving Plants

Despite the heat in Central Florida, it is important to use moisture-loving plants to accentuate your waterscape. The plants that surround your ponds and waterfalls must be able to thrive in a damp environment. Our team of experts at Atlas Pools of Central Florida will help you select vegetation that will be appropriate for the ecosystem associated with your water features and will simultaneously look beautiful.


Invest in Proper Lighting for Your Waterscape

The allure of a dazzling waterscape is slightly diminished if it is only visible during daylight hours. You should be able to enjoy your backyard's water features at all times. Atlas Pools of Central Florida recommends including lighting sources so that you may still enjoy the sophistication of a spectacular waterscape while hosting a dinner party or splashing around in your custom pool after the sun goes down. Lighting does not have to be obtrusive or glowingly bright. Subtle accent lights will allow you to view your waterscape but not distract you from your guests or the party at hand.

Importance of Water Treatment for Waterscapes

With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, Atlas Pools of Central Florida can instruct you on how to treat and care for the water in your waterscape properly. In ponds and waterfalls, bacteria and algae may be present. To combat these unwanted growths, our team will provide water treatment solutions as well as filters and skimmers. Because plants and animals will come to rely on the consistency and viability of your waterscape, it is crucial that you maintain its overall health.

Contact Atlas Pools of Central Florida for Your Waterscape

When you need to spruce up your backyard in Oviedo, FL or the surrounding area, consider a waterscape created by Atlas Pools of Central Florida. We have designed and created marvelous custom pools, waterscapes, and outdoor settings for more than 40 years, delivering exceptional customer service and craftsmanship. We can use a wide array of water features to help your property stand out from the rest in the neighborhood and complement the existing landscape or pool. Let our team of experts help you create an unforgettable setting. Contact us today to get started.

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