Natural Pools

Natural Pools

Custom Natural Pools in Orlando and Central Florida

Create an Environment of Peace and Tranquility with a Custom Natural Pool

Natural swimming pools have been a hot design trend throughout Europe for decades and are only now catching on in the States. Perfect for sunny climates like the one we have here in Central Florida, natural pools give you clear water, a stunning eco-friendly outdoor feature, and a brilliant way to add a whole new ecology to your property. Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. specializes in the custom installation of these manmade-turned-natural marvels.

Our natural pool builders incorporate the most sophisticated modern technology and methods to construct a pool that mimics the natural swimming ponds and bodies of water found in the wild. We set no limits on what we can customize for your unique look, adding shapes, waterfalls, rocks, plants, and so much more. With our help, you can install a natural outdoor accent that is not only beautiful but also functional, self-cleaning, maintenance-free, and a new home for all types of wildlife. Contact us today to schedule your personalized estimate.

Natural Pools

How Does a Custom Natural Pool Installation Work?

Natural pools are water features that utilize living systems to filter and clean them instead of chemicals. Used for swimming, recreation, or decorative accents, natural pools create a self-contained eco-system, like a mini constructed wetland. Though there are technological additions to a custom natural pool - such as biological filters, pumps, and surface skimmers – it is the blend of flora, fauna, and minerals that gives you safe, healthy water. The pool is built over a liner, which separates the soil from the water, decreasing contamination.

That means you can install a natural pool almost anywhere in your yard or on your commercial property. Water circulates through a shallow pool called the regeneration zone and a skimmer, where it is filtered and feeds the primary swimming and entertaining area. Often streams and waterfalls can be added for extra filtration and aesthetics. This process mimics the cleansing systems found in nature and produces water that is as clean as the chemical-infused water you find in traditional pools. Contact Atlas Pools to schedule your estimate.

The Advantages of a Natural Pool

Natural pools require a small amount of maintenance and setup in the early stages. But once you have your customized, natural pool set up the way you want, you can enjoy all the major benefits of your installation year-round. Natural pools from Atlas are functional, beautiful, and take care of themselves. They also offer additional advantages that are a significant draw for many of our most discerning customers, including:

Adaptability: "Natural pools" often drum up images of a brackish, brown, watering hole filled with mosquitos. In reality, these bodies of water are made with concrete, gravel filters, and other advanced equipment that provides the cleanest, most usable water you will find. They are more flexible in design than most traditional pools and add just the right touch of the wild for an unforgettably pleasant experience.

Eco-Friendly: Because natural pools use no chemicals, they are easy on, even beneficial for, the environment. The strategically placed water plants create oxygen. The animal inhabitants and microorganisms can reduce pollutants. Natural pools become part of the world around them and a natural centerpiece for you.

Virtually Maintenance-Free Operation: Natural ponds are like any other body of water found in nature. They use organic elements and processes to self-clean and maintain. Though it is recommended that you scale back the water plants, winterize your pond (optional), and use the skimmer/vacuum once a season, natural pools require no harsh chemicals, chlorination systems, pH monitors, or other costly maintenance technology.

Savings: Traditional pool treatments and maintenance can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year. Natural pools eliminate that need and let nature take its course to save you up to $1000 year after year.

Natural Pools

Natural Pools & Wildlife

Does a natural pool attract all kinds of creatures to my yard or property? Yes, in a way, it does. But you want them there. Aside from the beautiful connection you have to birds and frogs in your regeneration zone, animal and plant life adds to the appeal of your natural pool setup.

However, any animals attracted to your regeneration zone will stay there, as the main entertaining area is constantly flowing and changing. That is not something they look for when settling down (especially mosquitos). Frogs and birds will eat any additional insects, and you can even have fish in your natural pool. Just be sure they do not upset the balance of the eco-system. The larger the pond, the better the balance will be. Contact Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. today to learn more or schedule your personalized estimate.

Contact Atlas Pools for Your Custom Natural Pool

Natural pools can give you the serene, native waterscape you want to complete your outdoor oasis. Trust the talented team of designers at Atlas Pools to construct the stunning, functional pool you’ve always dreamed of and make your yard or business park the envy of your guests. Contact us today to schedule your customized estimate.

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